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Our Services

At BLTZO, we know that every detail of the development process is crucial, and so we’ve built the expertise to provide a full range of mobile app development services.

  • Mobile Development

    Get outstanding custom Mobile applications of any complexity with BLTZO – a trusted company possessing deep expertise and knowledge of the latest app development frameworks. With BLTZO, you get a source of solid IT expertise in mobile software projects.

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  • Web Development

    Bltzo's team offers comprehensive Web and Software Development Services, delivering the best possible results to meet your expectations and web project requirements.

    About Bltzo
  • DevOps Services

    Bltzo's DevOps experts will increase the efficiency and boost the speed of your tech and business efforts so that you can benefit from faster time-to- market And more proactive approaches. Bltzo's experts (DevOps ) will continuous integration and quick Troubleshooting ensure.

  • Software As A Service “Saas”

  • Quality Assurance Services

    Bltzo’s QA Services help our customers set up testing to save resources, streamline processes, and enhance their ability to drive value. Andersen’s QA offers the following prerequisites for success.

  • UI-UX Design

    Bltzo's experts (UI\UX Design) will envision and create intuitive, creativity, eye-catching designs , and brand-compliant products to ensure usability and high end-user satisfaction rates.

  • Cloud Development

    Cloud Development Services provided by our tech team will give you a safe-to-use, protected, dependable, and cost-effective solution to your cloud-related needs. Achieve your desired results with our software.

Our Product

  • wakilly is the first Egyptian website that combines lawyers and legal services
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    Central bank of kuwait

    (Let's Be Aware) is an awareness campaign...

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    5d vr

    We deliver immersive digital realities that...

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    wakilly is the first Egyptian website that...

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    The first Arab platform that aims to collect...

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We are Bltzo Software Technologies, established in 2018, steering customers through the next generation of business innovation powered by technology with state-of-the-art business automation, software development, and consultation services. Bltzo provides automation solutions and software products. For companies operating in the information age, we help leverage new technologies for a competitive advantage. We deliver high-value, innovative solutions by bridging the gap between business and technology. Since Bltzo's inception, we've consistently demonstrated and invented unique products, techniques, and capabilities that far and uniquely distinguish us from other software providers. We specialize in developing various automated solutions

About Bltzo

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